Electrochemical solutions to conventional industrial and manufacturing applications
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The Consortium for Electrochemical Processes and Technologies (CEProTECH) is dedicated to the improvement of chemical and biological processes utilizing novel, electrochemically-focused approaches. Due to recent technological advancements and a changing economic climate, electrochemical technologies and processes now represent a relatively untapped frontier of opportunity for unique, enabling, and transformative solutions. CEProTECH develop solutions by advancing fundamental and cross-cutting electrochemical research to explore enhancements, alternatives and analogues for classical chemical and biological process, especially in advanced production and manufacturing applications.10

Electrochemical approaches to conventional industrial and manufacturing applications received consideration in past decades; however their adoption has always been precluded by material infeasibilities and economic pressures. While not generally competitive in past times, global concerns for energy abundance, accessibility, conservation, waste management, pollution, and environmental impacts, have granted new relevance to electrochemical process enhancement.

Recent advances in materials science, computational chemistry and modeling (multi-scale modeling), and in-situ spectroscopy and microscopy have made electrochemical processes cheaper, more efficient, smaller, easier to control, and have enabled electrochemical methodologies to be applied in areas never before conceived.

9CEProTECH facilitates fundamental, cross-cutting process analysis and research for a diverse range of industry applications. This includes both the classical electrochemical processes – chloro-alkali and aluminum processes, batteries, hydrogen production, etc. – as well as processes that typically would not utilize electrochemical methods – remediation, advanced synthesis, production of specialty gases & chemicals, and hemodialysis, among others. It is this diversity of scope that will allow CEProTECH to capitalize on opportunities in various market sectors, and will provide sustainability for the Consortium, independent of specific industry demand cycles.

CEProTECH’s research agenda involves fundamental, cross-cutting projects focused on processes with broad applicability and potential to improve energy efficiency, production efficacy, manufacturing capacity and/or resource availability.

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