Dr. Damilola Daramola

DaramolaDr. Damilola Daramola

Assistant Director for Technical Business Development, CEER, OHIO

Dr. Daramola builds and manages relationships between the Center and external entities through technical projects. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University and 10 years of research experience encompassing molecular modeling, electrochemistry, and surface science for reaction mechanism elucidation, catalyst development and process simulations in energy generation applications. Dr. Daramola focuses on integrating project development and management with value proposition for both government and industrial partners. He has 4 peer-reviewed publications and over 17 presentations at national and international symposia including the Electrochemical Society and the American Institute of Chemical Engineering.

Below is a list of three publications relevant to the proposed research.

  1. Damilola Daramola and Gerardine G. Botte, “Theoretical study of ammonia oxidation on platinum clusters – Adsorption of ammonia and water fragments,” Computational and Theoretical Chemistry 989, p7 (2012).
  2. Damilola Daramola, Deepika Singh and Gerardine G. Botte, “Dissociation Rates of Urea in the Presence of NiOOH Catalyst: A DFT Analysis,” Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114, p11513 (2010).
  3. Damilola Daramola, Madhivanan Muthuvel and Gerardine G. Botte, “Density Functional Theory Analysis of Raman Frequency Modes of Monoclinic Zirconium Oxide Using Gaussian Basis Sets and Isotopic Substitution,” Journal of Physical Chemistry B 114, p9323 (2010).

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