Dr. Dan Wang

Wang, DanDr. Dan Wang

Senior Scientist for Advanced Materials Synthesis, CEER, OHIO

Dr. Wang’s research focuses on the synthesis of advanced materials for energy storage and conversion, including nanostructured transition metal oxides/hydroxides for hydrogen production, the synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene thin film electrodes, CNT/polymer nanocomposites, CNT/graphene-metal nanoparticle assemblies, and electrode materials for lithium-ion batteries. He received his Bachelors (1999) and Masters in Chemical Engineering (2004) from Tianjin University in China, and his Ph.D. (2009) in Chemistry from Ohio University. Dr. Wang has 24 publications in peer-reviewed journals and 1 book chapter. He has been the Assistant Editor of the Journal of Applied Electrochemistry since 2010 and serves as a peer reviewer for more than ten international scientific journals.

Below is a list of five publications relevant to the proposed research.

  1. Dan Wang, Wei Yan, Santosh Vijapur and Gerardine G. Botte, “Enhanced electrocatalytic oxidation of urea based on nickel hydroxide nanoribbons,” Journal of Power Sources, 217, 498-502 (2012).
  2. Dan Wang, Wei Yan, and Gerardine G. Botte, “Exfoliated Nickel Hydroxide Nanosheets for Urea Electrolysis,” Electrochemistry Communications, 13, (10), 1135-1138. (2011).
  3. Dan Wang and Liwei Chen, “Temperature and pH-Responsive Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dispersions,” Nano Letters, 7(6), 1480-1484 (2007).
  4. Dan Wang, Zi-Chen Li, and Liwei Chen, “Templated Synthesis of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube and Metal Nanoparticle Assemblies in Solution,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(47), 15078-15079 (2006).
  5. Dan Wang, Wen-Xi Ji, Zi-Chen Li, and Liwei Chen, “A Biomimetic “Polysoap” for Single-Walled Carbon Nanotube Dispersion,” Journal of the American Chemical Society, 128(20), 6556-6557 (2006).