Dr. Samgopiraj Velraj


Dr. Samgopiraj Velraj

Post Doctoral Research Associate on Surface Science and Energy Conversion, CEER, OHIO

Dr. Velraj is primarily focused on Bi-functional catalyst synthesis (OER, ORR) , cathode development, and optimization, recheargeable metal-air batteries, materials development, SOFCs, and aluminide coatings. He received his B.E. in Mechanical Engineering from Anna University, Chennai (2007), and his M.S. as well as P.h.D. in Mechanical Engineering and Material Science Engineering from Tennessee Technological University (2010, 2014). Dr. Samgopiraj Velraj has worked for four years on catalyst synthesis and cathode fabrication for rechargeable metal-air batteries in alkaline media. He has also worked on the development of cathode side contact materials for solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) and interdiffusion lifetime model for aluminide coatings producing 4 first author publications in peer-reviewed journals.